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Abdullah AL Masum

Poet of Love

Abdullah al masum is famous writer, poet, reciter,trainer,philosopher, surprising idea maker, presenter, video editor,animator, trainer of artists, models news presenters, motivational speaker, song writer, tuner, singer & photographer,traveler. He is adviser, consultant,Brand ambassador of Big 6 groups of Bangladesh & foreign companies

He is doing research on “foreign loan” for past 5 years. Also doing consultancy on 22+ businesses. connected with big energy positive peoples of Earth.

Born In Bangladesh, Asia

Author of 12 books.

photography idea & taken by Kabery Mirza.

1.Bindur Khoj


3.tukro valobasha

4.Chorar ami fuler ami

5.kabita othoba shukh


7. Method of higher life. of a flower

9.No limit game


11.Dim pereche hati

12. Boro hoben jevabe

13. Frequency of spritual wisdom


🍓 Kazi kader newaz memorial Gold madal

as best lytic writer.

🍓Ichamoti shahittmo purashkar as

best rhymes writer.

🍓Abdul alim memorial award

as best Visual director.

🍓shuhetona award as

best reciter.

🍓Dr.wazed memorial award

as best entrepreneur.

photography exhibition

5 solo photography exhibition happened. Ex chief of army stuff lef.gen. Harun or rashid opened last exhibition.

Video maker

More then 300 music videos,  4 telefilm, drama writer, direction by abdullah al masum


He sang 6/7 song by himself.

song writer

More then 100 songs released. some are too famous in community.


More then 10+ poetry made, many are under process.


presenter of 3 tv program


Doing 22;23 type of business consultancy.

Exporter & manufacturer

Exporter of Garment stock & manufacturer of Garments products.


Importer of thai aluminium. Best importer for 10

years in Bangladesh. family business.

💎managing director, ceo,

broadcasting engineer

world tv ltd.

Tv channel


Dream paradise group

working with 700 acres land.


Aurunima resort

owner is president of resort

owner assosiation.

💎Brand ambassador

Rong roshayon

exclusive agent of setus, turkey. suppliar of dying chemicals.

💎 Brand ambassador


china fabric manufacturer company.


Media station

film maker.

💎 chairman

world’s choice group.

up coming projects

power plant, 7 star resort, airlines,  university, Real estate.

Vice chairman

Radient Garments

💎 intertrade

Best thai aluminium importer

of Bangladesh.


Foreign loan, ship,Garment stock,

New business module,

Religion & life,thought process,phycology,

Mental development, philosophy,


🍏Abdullah al masum

the poet of love

📩  [email protected]

📩  [email protected]


📞 +8801716089089

📞 +8801611966682

whats up.

Instrument played by
Dr. Sheuli Bhattacharjee

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